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Practice Areas

Child Custody
Child Support
Wills and Probate

About This Law Firm

Attorney Julie Ernst-Fortin provides flat fee uncontested divorce
divorce mediation, child support worksheets, parenting plans, 
prenuptial agreements
willstrusts, living wills, powers of attorney
will probate, estate administration, QDROs, guardian ad litem, 
adoption and other services.  

Serving clients throughout Georgia, our office strives to meet your 
needs on your terms.  Many of our clients wish to obtain advice and 
view paperwork via phone, fax or email to avoid taking time off to 
come in to the office.  Whether you prefer face-to-face meetings, or 
the speed made possible by the Internet, we want to meet your 
needs and preferences.  We believe in customer service and will do 
our best to make a difficult legal situation easier.  Credit and debit 
cards are welcome.  Call (770) 613-9524, or send an email through 
Contact Us page to discuss your situation.

Uncontested Divorce

Divorce can be an emotional time for everyone involved.  Many 
couples prefer to end their marriage with an uncontested divorce or 
divorce mediation.   "Uncontested" means the couple can agree on 
all issues, for example, where children will live, how to divide assets 
and debts, and whether child support or alimony will be paid.   An 
uncontested divorce can be filed quickly and economically, saving 
years in the court system and thousands in attorney's fees.

When a couple already agrees on how to end their marriage, the 
Law Office of Julie Ernst-Fortin, PC prepares the necessary 
paperwork, including required parenting plans and child support 
worksheets.  We give the guidance needed to get divorced with as 
little stress and expense as possible.  We understand that many 
divorcing couples start with financial troubles.  Moving from one 
household to two creates further strain.   An uncontested divorce 
can be the quickest, easiest and least  expensive way to part so 
everyone can move on with their lives.   For 
economical flat fee 
uncontested divorce quote, 
visit our Uncontested Divorce page.  Call 
(770) 613-9524, or email us through our
 Contact Us page to 
your situation with an attorney.

Divorce Mediation

For couples who do not already agree on all issues, divorce 
mediation is one way couples can work out their differences so an 
uncontested divorce may be filed.  Mediation works so well, with 
over 80 percent of couples reaching agreement, that most courts 
require couples try mediation before a judge will listen to the case.  
Julie Ernst-Fortin assists husband and wife in reaching an 
agreement that works for their individual situation.  To learn more,  
see our 
divorce mediation page.


Making a lifelong commitment to a child through adoption may be 
the greatest gift a person can give.  How exciting for a couple unable 
to have children to adopt an infant or young child and finally realize 
the dream of becoming parents.  Stepparents may wish to adopt a 
spouse's child to complete the family unit.  Grandparents or other 
family members may adopt children when biological parents are 
unable to care for them.  Whatever your situation, The Law Office of 
Julie Ernst-Fortin, PC can prepare the necessary documents and 
help you through the process.  If all parties agree, paperwork can be 
submitted to the court in a matter of days.  Visit our 
Adoption page 
for more information, or 
Contact Us for fees specific to your situation.

Prenuptial Agreements

Before marriage, prenuptial agreements plan how couples will 
resolve issues should marriage end in divorce or death.  This is 
especially important for those coming into a marriage with children 
or property.  It allows each spouse to plan for their future by 
protecting assets, and may avoid expensive litigation later.  The Law 
Office of Julie Ernst-Fortin, PC can help determine your options and 
best interests.


A Qualified Domestic Relations Order (QDRO) is a court order used 
in divorce proceedings that allow couples to divide retirement 
assets without incurring taxes and penalties.  For example, if one 
spouse has a 401k, a QDRO allows some of the 401k funds to be 
moved into the spouse's retirement account without anyone 
incurring taxes or penalties.  It allows the nonworking spouse 
access to retirement assets and maintain their preferred tax status.  

Call (770) 613-9524 or go to 
Contact Us to request information 
specific to your situation.

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