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About This Law Firm

Family Law - Divorce, Child Support, Child Custody, Alimony, Equitable Division, Contempt & Modifications in Atlanta & Georgia

There are milestones in life when you need a trusted divorce lawyer in the Atlanta, Georgia area to guide you. AtMeriwether & Tharp our experienced family law attorneys recognize that domestic troubles can be emotionally and financially taxing. Our lawyers provide personal, individualized legal services, covering the full spectrum of family law issues including, but not limited to: divorce, child support, child custody, alimony, equitable division, contempt and modification actions.

Divorce Litigation

A divorce is often a stressful and life altering event. Our divorce lawyers are prepared to minimize the impact as much as possible by helping you navigate the legal complexities of ending a marriage from resolving issues involving child custody, child support, and alimony to equitable division of your property and assets.

As divorce lawyers in Atlanta, we stay up to date on the latest divorce law changes. We are very knowledgeable about the current Georgia child support worksheets, which determine the amount of child support payments that are awarded under the child support guidelines and the various deviation factors that play a major role under the new guidelines. We stay current with the new parenting time plans that are now mandatory in Georgia and are intimately familiar with sole and joint physical and legal custody arrangements. We were one of the first firms to use PowerPoint presentations in hearings and trials in Georgia and continue to use our technologic advantages to produce extensive marital balance worksheets which provide a detailed analysis on what is a fair division of assets.

Our Philosophy

While we zealously represent our clients in the courtroom, we believe that fierce litigation is not always the best way to resolve a divorce. We try to resolve cases in an amicable and collaborative fashion whenever possible. If children are involved, it is likely that you and your spouse will face a lifetime of joint parenting interactions, despite the divorce. One of the least considered costs of divorce is how life's precious moments can become tainted with negative feelings between ex-spouses and we do everything we can to diminish this effect.

As not all cases can be resolved without resorting to litigation, we will recommend when it is appropriate to take a case to trial in order to seek a better outcome. We take pride in the way we manage cases and work closely with our clients. We assign tasks within our firm to the appropriate individuals and strive to maximize results while decreasing costs to our clients. We use the latest technology to be as prepared as possible for your case (including detailed financial analysis for complex financial cases involving substantial assets, high incomes, and small businesses). You will find that our divorce lawyers are prepared to help you every step of the way.

Types of Divorce Cases We Handle

We handle a large variety of divorce cases. From simple, uncontested divorces to complex, contested divorce actions, you will find our divorce attorneys are well versed on the latest laws affecting your rights in a divorce. We have extensive experience with cases involving substantial assets, high incomes, small businesses and hidden assets and believe that our financial analysis capabilities can help you address the unique nature of these types of cases. We have also handled a number of contested custody issues involving issues, such as: adultery, alcohol, drug abuse, and physical violence.

Contempt, Child Custody Modification, Child Support Modification, and Alimony Modification

A number of legal issues can arise after a divorce. If one spouse does not satisfy their financial obligations in the divorce, we can assist in contempt of court cases to help you receive what you are entitled to. If you have lost your job or are experiencing other difficulties which prevent you from meeting obligations from the divorce, we can help you seek a modification of your divorce decree to change your child support or alimony obligation. If circumstances have changed and you now believe that child custody and visitation arrangements should be altered, we can aid you in bringing those issues to the court's attention in an effort to modify child custody arrangements.

You can rely on Meriwether & Tharp to guide you through difficult divorce and family law situations. To speak to a member of our team, you can call our office or e-mail us to schedule an appointment to meet with someone on our family law team.

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