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Roswell DUI Attorney

Charged with drunk driving in Roswell, GA?

Lawmakers in Georgia have continued to increase the penalties for DUI, and current law allows for even a first time misdemeanor charge against you, if convicted, to have serious repercussions, including jail time, fines, community service and the suspension of your driver’s license. In many cases it is possible for our attorney from The Sherman Law Group to find a compelling defense for DUI charges. A review of the evidence against you should be done at once to identify the flaws in the case against you. These could include police errors, violations of rights or testing procedure errors, or other evidence that should be used to defend you. When there have been serious mistakes by law enforcement, it is crucial that we move forward quickly. It is not uncommon for our legal team to get charges dismissed or reduced to a lesser charge before it moves any further through the legal system. Georgia Code 40-6-391 provides for serious punishments in all types of DUI offenses.

By taking immediate action and contacting a Roswell DUI lawyer at our offices, you can find out more about your particular case and what you may be up against. We can offer you the information that will help you make the right choices about your charges, and this can in turn help you face a future free from a drunk driving conviction that may affect your freedom, driving privileges, employment and reputation.

Challenging DUI Charges

We have a deep understanding of the legal system and how to successfully navigate through it for our clients benefit. Our attorneys have a background that is of great advantage to our clients that are accused of DUI. Bill Sherman is a former Assistant Attorney General and worked for a judge in the past, and Valerie Sherman is a former Magistrate and a former Assistant Count Attorney. Not only have we developed relationships that are helpful in our negotiations for our clients, we know exactly how the system works. We use our inside knowledge and insight to fight for the best possible result for our clients. We represent clients throughout the Roswell, AlpharettaSandy SpringsJohns CreekDunwoodyMariettaMiltonCummingWoodstock,CantonForsyth County, and Cherokee County areas and defend all types of DUI charges.

We represent clients charged with any type of DUI offense, including defending those with multiple DUIconvictions on record, defending young drivers accused of underage DUI, cases of reckless drivingdriving with suspended license, and leaving the scene, all of which will result in long term damage to your ability to drive if you are convicted. In serious felony offenses such as DUI manslaughterDUI with injury, or any other type of felony DUI, you need to have an extremely skilled and committed defense attorney that will seek out every opportunity in your defense and exploit it without delay, prior to formal charges being filed if possible. With over 40 years of combined experience, you can be assured that our legal team will take action on your behalf at once. We know legal problems are stressful and you can be certain that you will be energetically defended by our firm, and that your case will be given the focus and attention it deserves.

Contact a Roswell DUI Lawyer

Those who have been arrested for a first time DUI should take action to avoid conviction as the repercussions to your personal life, professional reputation and your criminal record will usually go on for years into the future. We represent clients in DDS hearings, and help them resolve matters of vehicle impoundment. When the arrest is based upon field sobriety tests or BAC (blood alcohol concentration) such as breath and blood tests, we can review the evidence against you for errors to fight for your defense. We can help with expungements, or are concerned about “ will I lose my license?”, we can help you with information on DUI penalties, and DUI defense. It is important that you contact our firm immediately after your arrest whenever possible. We have an impressive record in criminal defense and will give your case the focus and attention it deserves.

Contact a Roswell DUI attorney from our firm at once if you have been arrested and charged with a DUI offense, either misdemeanor or felony.

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