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Child Custody
Child Support
Domestic Violence
Personal Injury
Wrongful Termination

About This Law Firm

Marietta Family Law Attorney

You probably never anticipated that you would be getting divorced. Concerns about how your children will be raised, where you will live and how you will get by with one less income may be festering. During a time of uncertainty, there is no substitute to having an experienced family law attorney in your corner. The right lawyer will know how to help you navigate through the divorce process, while taking every measure possible to protect you and your children.

Decades of Experience Handling Complex Divorces

For more than 25 years, family law attorney William C. Gentry has handledcomplex divorces involving substantial assets and debts throughout Marietta, Georgia. He offers a client-driven approach focused on understanding his clients' unique needs and legal concerns. No two divorces are the same. He will take the time to work directly with you in an effort to position you for the most favorable resolution possible. When experience matters, contact our Marietta family law attorney for a free initial consultation.

Offering Comprehensive Family Law Services in Marietta, Georgia

You don't have to face this time of uncertainty alone. Marietta family law attorney William C. Gentry has handled hundreds of divorces throughout Cobb, Cherokee and Paulding counties. He can help you understand what you can anticipate, and he will take the time to understand your particular situation. Mr. Gentry's hands-on approach helps him find customized solutions taking into account all the issues involved, such as:

Attorney William C. Gentry has access to forensic accountants and other industry experts invaluable in helping him uncover any hidden assets or determine the value of a marital estate. He can also consult child psychologists and other family therapists when seeking to protect children's best interests in custody disputes. Mr. Gentry has the skills and legal resources to help you secure a favorable resolution when dealing with a complex divorce.

What You Can Expect Working With Divorce Attorney William C. Gentry

  • Personal attention: Mr. Gentry understands how important your case is. To guide you through all of the complicated steps of the legal process, he will give you the personal attention that you and your case deserve. He will take the time to walk you step-by-step through all of your legal options, while answering every question you have.
  • Aggressive advocacy: No matter how complex the legal issues you face, attorney Bill Gentry will forcefully advocate on your behalf. He has extensive experience in negotiations, mediation and courtroom trials. Mr. Gentry will fiercely defend your rights at all stages of a case.
  • Efficient representation: Mr. Gentry prides himself on offering efficient and effective legal representation. He will work tirelessly to protect your rights and achieve a just and fair result for you — by settlement if possible and by trial if necessary.

Contact Our Skilled Cobb County Family Law Attorney

If you are dealing with a family law dispute, you can feel confident knowing attorney William Gentry has what it takes to help you secure a favorable resolution. Over 25 years, he has become well-respected in the Georgia legal community and uses his experience and connections to his clients' advantage.Contact his law firm today for the experienced representation you deserve. Attorney Bill Gentry offers free initial consultations in Marietta, Georgia.

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